Burlington Community Tree Planting 2007

Lakeside Neighborhood hit the jackpot this spring with 10 new trees scheduled for installation. As Luck would have it, the big planting day was a drizzly foggy one...but the good cheer, donuts and excellent help made for a smooth morning's work.


Allen, Warren Spinner (city arborist) and Polly

Polly Thompson, past director Tree Keeper Program, Allen and Neighbor Larry

Martha Skinner, President of Tree Keeper Program

Allan, his sister, Larry and Polly

Allen, me, Larry and Warren

And Monday, the city crew threw in our last one!

Multa bella!!!


Trees planted at this location were Celebration Maple, Bird Cherry, and Harvest Gold Crab Apple. If you are interested in getting more involved with the city tree program, we have many events throughout the year that rely on volunteers, and many of them include food.

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