Granada and Region, Nicaragua


Awakening in Nicaragua


Elise at Los Felipe in Managua



Across the street from Los Felipe, handy place to buy water. 7 cordoba for a large. (about .40)


Now in Granada. a breakfast at our first hospedaje (hostel) there. We made a big batch of beans, to which I've added here my beloved steel cut oats, corn chips and avocado. Avocados are very cheap here, and about 4x as big as the puny things that are shipped to VT.


a block down from Mochilas, this shool wall fell down overnight. Walking by a month later, it still isn't patched up yet!



The 7 am view of mercado from our front porch at Hospedaje San Jorge in Granada. For you gringos it's pronounced oss pe da hay san horhay. Here was home base for most of the month. We  moved to here from our first place for a number of reasons. A main reason for me, the infinite painting subjects just steps away. In this picture, the guys in the yellow shirts close by are the preachers who usually come for an hour or so, and their music has really grown on me. Everything is a bit loud, a cultural thing?



Much produce and product moved around by horse drawn cart.


and moved on foot. on head.




Trucks and buses squeeze through the crowded streets, and when they stopped to unload goods to one of the vendors, it would back up all other traffic; pedestrians, bikes, motorbikes, horse carts.


at the ends of the day, medium sized kids carry these 100# sacks to and from storage, on their backs, sometimes 2 at a time.


Looking the other way off our porch, toward Volcan Mombachu


Elise bought a new watch band in a store, and then Nick escorted us to this section of the mercado, where there were all these guys who worked on watches. This particular guy may not have been the most efficient, because we waited about half an hour or so for him to do the simple task of installing the watch band.


Elise and Nick on our back deck of the hospedaje, in the mango trees. We both miss Nick terribly! And our lovely deck was such a nice and quiet rest from the continous wild scene of the mercado in front of our place.


Proprietor of Hospedaje San Jorge (and pharmacist next door), and really great guy Jorge. He and his wife Rose who runs her doctor practice next door as well, took us to feast and then swim in a volcano lake our first weekend there. We miss them big time!


sunset happens real fast near the equator.


stretching a 30 x 30" canvas in garage, with the kitchen hammer thingie (using copper tacks)



This is one of my (unfinished) painting locations, just on the other side of the street market area from where we were living. I did one painting here, a vertically oriented 20 x 28 acrylic. That big green building dead ahead housed endless separate little stalls, innumerable sellers of fish, meat, shoes, clothing, kitchen wares, plastico, you name it. Labyrinthine and chaotic, even a bit scary in its vastness, to the newcomer.


Every day, every block a new possible painting. Drove me crazy


here I am across the street from our hostal


unfinished from porch of hostal


Right around corner from home.


And right down street next to mercado, these women were often packing coal with their bare hands. many of the merchant women wear these lacey aprons about; I think they serve a few purposes, such as identifying them as merchants, and holding change and other things in pockets.


At the end of the day every day, the Mercado was empty of shoppers, mostly empty of the vendors, and the street was completely cleaned up.


This kid was more than happy to have picture taken. Doorway is in underneath the covered part of the mercado.


Volcan Mombachu


a rare overcast morning, decliciously cool at 85 degrees


Some mighty colorful houses around Granada! we sure could use this energy in VT.



segment of a scene I painted --not at all finished yet; the rest walked away (horse and cart).


an early morning protest in front of municple building, about dignity andf fairness for the workers. another early morning, my last day in Nicaragua, I started a painting from just where the blue barrels are now. Click here


I want to do some tile work outside my house. Many many people in Granada have done interesting things with their sidewalks. Some quite free form like ths one; some much more formal, or symetrical.


between and outside of some of the "fancier" streets, folks had some even more humble digs. Seems like a fire is often on. I guess keeping the home fires burning is literal, even in such warm climate. And the coca cola. Plastic is a problem, since I saw absolutely no evidence of recycling anywhere in Nicaragua, save out on the Finca Magdalena.


I was painting here for a couple of days; sadly unfinished, and calling... click here


with Nick, Rose and Jorge at this volcano lake. we ate gloriously, and then later, went down to a different place at same lake and swam. pretty nice!




post swim yoga




visiting village called Tepeyac, where Maria lives with her children. One needn't be hungry in a place like this, with all good things growing on trees. Bananas cocconuts, papayas and mangos go without saying, but the many other things were so facinating to see, and to eat! Some little pear like things reminded me of the sickle pear tree in my backyard growing up. but the tropical version was much juicier and yummier.

on road in Tepeyac


Mich, being a truck driver in Quebec, was able to help these folks with their problem, I think.


along the road to Marias


We are arriving at Maria's home. The little girl ran out to meet us and jumped into Mich's arms.


It's hot!



drawing together


the boys got busy drawing inside


Maria's older daughter


picking fruit


they tasted a little like a cross between a pear and a coconut? pretty yummy. too delicate to ship north probably, explaining why I've never seen them before.


Elise and a fellow resident at our hostal visited the volcano lake again for painting and swimming, on a hot afternoon.



My favorite painting at the Museo del Convento de San Francisco





Ometepe-- vacation from vacation

More Coming Soon! I brought back 3 cd's full of images; and 12 unfinished paintings. I'm still unpacking, and trying to cheer myself up back here in cold, dreary and grim, pre-spring Vermont. ughghghg! If it was not for the urgent need to finish some paintings for upcoming show at NorthEast Kingdom Artisans' Guild, why I'd be ready to shoot myself! just kidding just kidding just kidding... .


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