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Northern California Visit 2010


View from Elise's studio


E's wonderful studio in Sunnyvale


And balconey at home in Mountain View. Her roommate has a green thumb!


On the Stanford campus


McClures Beach


Margery and Elise at McClures Beach


evidently the stuff is edible. maybe next time will exercise some culinary curiosity




w/Elise racing against the tide, to make it to the other side, else we'd be joining the elk to get outa there



I think we added to this


person from Mass Art, all the way out west to photograph a dead elk! Noooooo....., but he was from Mass Art, my Mom's and my Grandma's alma mater



couldn't resist the black and white cows; actually, I wasn't the only one. For me, the terraced effect on the land was what made the composition


E and M getting ready for shindig in Point Reyes


it's quite taxing, all this getting ready. better rest before we go


Radio Fantastique, out of the steam punk genre, funky and fun dance music





Thrill Painter, Princess Chill, and Chilean Miner



E and M setting up by the abandoned boad in Inverness, on Tomales Bay. My easel awaits. I often find that everyone else gets started long before I can. There is just no end to the delaying tactics I will come up with.



First effort. Some people and a dog walked through. I've adopted a method so as not to be impatient with potential onlookers/intruders. I ask them to freeze, so that I might paint them in. The more nosey they seem, the more aggressive I get. "no no.. could you move just to the right a bit... and raise your left arm ..." etc etc. It works pretty well so far: in all cases they smile, laugh, joke, whatever, but quickly scoot off. If they don't, then I've got a free model, don't I!




Version 2 with a photographer that I actually knew, unloading his equipment. This fellow appeared in similar circumstance when the three of us were painting in Gamble Gardens just a year before. So of course I wanted to know where he would be going next year, because it now seems likely we will run into him again, every time we are painting out in the world.






more photos soon ....

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