Stonington, Deere Isle, and the First Ever Downeast Writers' Conference

It was providential that I caught wind of gathering of writers when listening to KC Live! on  Deere Isle, Maine has been a favorite painting destination for years. A writers conference could provide the best of all possible foils for me, right? To boost the visual/painter impulse, go to a very beautiful place and investigate matters of the mind. Yes, it was time to go paint there again. And the best part-- my friend Elise (also a painter and writer) would go too!


Elise and our water's edge cabin

The view from front patio and some more.

Here's one from the cardline--a painting done in mid 90's


and now, same location -- 102 Greenhead Road

Stepping back, same view with boat


Painting in the works enlarged here


Elise in front of lobster pound

Same lobster pound, evening; I painted...



with this going on behind my back!

Scoping out more painting locations near Burnt Cove. Years ago I did a painting near here that became this card


I painted here many times (Example)


and Elise joined me

We wanted to paint here, but the bottom was so mucky that the only good spot was back up in the road--where I am taking this shot. Even though it was a narrow and curvy back road sort of road, raffic was rather fast and scary, with little shoulder area. A local told me that the roads are pretty much a free for all, and those not doing at least 45 or 50 mph are not looked kindly upon .







Not sure if tree decoration is a normal part of the Maine Lobster scene these days, but I cerrtainly found my photo-capturing abilities excercised. Perhaps next time I'll try painting it... .  Page Two