Artist: Karen Dawson


Location: Lakeside Gallery and Art Studio,
58 Wright Ave. Burlington, VT 05401

Phone: 802-865-1208


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I have been operating a visual art studio in the Lakeside Neighborhood, Burlington, Vermont since 1989. From thirty to fifty paintings are in the works at any given time. During the warm months I paint out doors. Studio refinement takes place in the winter, and in the run-up to exhibitions.

My mother was an art teacher, so I have been involved in the arts and art-making since before I can remember. Her wonderful color observation was indelibly imprinted, color use--a little bit of all colors in every color--became part of my reality. Color is arresting when it is right. Color leaves language and theory in the dust!

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The job resume is a mile long: dairy farm worker in late teens and early 20's, 11 years as a real estate broker, 12 years teaching art at a local corrections institution and a thousand other things; but art is always at the root of my adventures in this world.

I have always loved to work really hard, especially at physical work. I also enjoy the intellectual wanderings through various disciplines as I attempt to complete a graduate program at the University. Making art allows for the synthesis of these different realities.

"He that sows sparingly shall also reap sparingly."

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Working still

I believe in moving ahead on a variety of projects, the more the better. I apprenticed at a stained glass business (and here) for 12 years, so stained glass panels, murals and mosaics are part of the mix in my own studio. Through all of my work I hope to promote more empathy, and a world view in which entropy and emergence can coexist; and most of all, find HOPE. We need an injection of sanity into our lives, and art can do that for us all.

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Seventh Horizon Design Company

Over the years I have owned and operated three small businesses. Seventh Horizon Design Company was launched in 1995 to market and sell notecards and other design work. There are 32 different images taken from my paintings, with more coming soon. Currently the cards are carried by a number of outlets throughout New England, and in a few other states.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for more info.

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Favorite Artists:
Emily Carr, Wayne Thibaud, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and Frank Gehry. Too many, really.

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