Refrigerator Page

It's nearly spring, and although the media blitz of Anna Nicole Smith's refrigerator several weeks ago has subsided, the kitchen as photo-subject is still every bit as worthy.

So, please if you are inclined, send a snap shot of yours, a favorite corner in your kitchen, or someting kitchenish, and I will post it here. Include your city and state, and any caption that you like, or none.

you might also consider seeing "Kitchen Stories" -- a charming if offbeat story based on 1950's kitchen design studies...done by Swedish scientists using Norwegian single men as subjects. Nicely eccentric.

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Lakehouse in mid-July -- Peter's dream!


Charlie's and Anca's ---Paris

All the usual stuff...dis oeufs frais, lait, buerre, etc.,

including the makings of "cold duck" (kalte ente) on the

lower shelves.


SOS -- emergency housekeeping needed (mine-- Burlington, VT)


 Sal-- Time2Shop! Longmeadow, MA


Mike's Fridge -- Euless, TX


From Cindy -- Brattleboro, VT


Burlington, VT